Geek Attitude Games Bruxelles 1893: Belle Époque (ML)
Geek Attitude Games Bruxelles 1893: Belle Époque (ML)

Bruxelles 1893: Belle Époque (ML)


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This new edition of Bruxelles 1893 is completed with its Belle Epoque expansion, both offered in a single big box. Although it respects the spirit of the original game, this new version of Brussels 1893 has been mechanically, graphically and ergonomically redesigned. Those who love Brussels 1893 will find all the pleasure of the original game, and even more because Belle Epoque considerably expands the strategic possibilities, without increasing the length of a game.

In the Belle Epoque expansion, players will experience:

-New Public Figures and White Works of Art

-Blocker Tiles and End Game Goals

-Special Actions and a Brand New Material

Publisher Website:

Playing time: 60-120 min
Age: Advanced
Language: English (EN)
Number of players: 2 (Duel), 3,4,5

Product Code:GAGBRU02FREN
UPC Code:3770005193478

Sleeves: 106. 44 x 68mm

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