Zoch Chance It! (ML)
Zoch Chance It! (ML)


Chance it is a gambling game in which everyone reaches for the stars without losing their last heart.

The die is cast. Now it's time to keep your nerve! Who reaches — often expensively — for the stars? Who prefers — sometimes lucratively — to avoid all risks? And who gambles away their last heart, and with it their very last chance to finish the game as a winner?

Purchased special cards and one chance-it card per player make your own earnings bubble up even more. But whoever uses them must — often and unintentionally — participate in the next high-risk game round. That can be a real heartbreaker!Refined risk assessment and dice that can lead any speculation astray make Chance it an outstanding gambler's game with heart.

CHANCE IT – Reach for the stars - but never lose your “final“ heart! ?

Publisher Website:https://www.zoch-verlag.com/zoch_en/categories/board-games/chance-it-601105167-en.html

Playing time: 30-40 min
Age: Familly
Language: Multilingual (ML)
Number of players: 3,4,5,6

Product Code:ZOCH601105167
UPC Code:4015682051673