Bombyx Cap'taine Carcasse (ML)
Bombyx Cap'taine Carcasse (ML)

Cap'taine Carcasse (ML) Bombyx


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“All divers to the water!” Thunder Captain Carcass... You are thrown 20,000 leagues under the sea in search of marvelous loot! But beware of the intoxication of the depths or you will return empty-handed... Turn over the cards in the draw pile one by one. To collect them, stop before you have two cards of the same family. He who risks nothing gains nothing, but he who risks too much… loses everything!


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Playtime: 15 min

Age: Familly

Language: Multilingula (ML)

Number of players: 2(Duel), 3, 4


Product Code : BX-CAPT-001

Code UPC :3770000010510


Sleeves: 87. 63 x 88mm

jeux de cartes / pousse ta chance

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