Devir Games Blind Business (EN)
Devir Games Blind Business (EN)


Come and enjoy the festivals of Ricky Town! There’s a big prize to be won, but to get it you have to rely on the various guilds of the city. To get ahead of your rivals you need to make blind deals to get the best cards. Blind Business is a fast game, full of fun, in which being good at bluffing is key to winning. Be the best player in Ricky Town making blind deals!


There’s festivity in the air! Ricky is also in the air, he’s the 10-foot tall donkey shaped piñata that is the mascot and symbol of the town. The mayor has announced a contest to take down Ricky, and the whole town is invited to participate.


No one can break Ricky open by themselves, so you’ll have to gather the best teammates from the four districts of town, each bringing their own abilities to the challenge. Snatch the right people from the hands of your competitors and gather the best team of piñata-poppers. But watch out! You never know who could be walking to the other teams until it’s too late. Hurry up and pop Ricky before anyone else can and you’ll win all the candy inside, the Big Trophy, and never ending prestige!


Blind Business is made up of a deck of 50 cards, numbered from 1 to 11 in 4 groups of different colors plus 6 jokers. At the start of the game, each player receives 4 cards from the deck. After seeing them, you will have to shuffle them and put them in view of the rest without knowing in which position each card has been left. On each turn, the active player must request a card from an opponent, which they can accept or refuse. In case of refusal, the opponent wins the requested card and places it in his play area for scoring at the end of the game, while the active player can keep any of the other cards in that player's hand. If instead the opponent accepts the offer, he may claim a card from the active player's hand in return. In this case, the active player can accept the deal, with which both will get the desired card, or refuse, so that each one will put the card from their hand that had been the object of the deal in their play area. Finally, the players replenish their hand to have 4 cards, which remain visible to all players and unknown to their owner.


The cards are arranged in columns according to their color in the playing area of each participant. The colors correspond to the four zones in which the city is divided: the playground, the boardwalk, the central station and the downtown. At the end of the game, depending on the majorities, the players will earn more points according to the combinations of cards they have. It is also possible to win if someone gets five consecutive cards of a single color... Watch out for your rivals movements!


Blind Business is part of Devir's pocket collection, which is characterized by bringing great games in a reduced format and at an affordable cost. In addition to their portability, which makes them great travel companions, they are versatile titles available to all audiences. Blind Business games will be resolved in a very short time and it is very possible that you chain one game after another.


  • A bluffing and manipulation game in which players see their opponents’ cards instead of their own.
  • A very original game mechanic in which the combination of effects of different cards makes every game different from the previous one.
  • Attractive illustrations inspired by animation from 1930’s cartoons (Popeye, Disney, Looney Tunes...)

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Playing time: 25 min
Age: Familly
Language: English (EN)
Number of players: 2 (Duel), 3,4,5

UPC Code:8436607940302