Board&Dice Barcelona (EN)
Board&Dice Barcelona (EN)


In Barcelona, you will take on the role of builders in 19th-century Barcelona working on the new expansion to the city. Your main goal is to construct buildings to accommodate the citizens who want to leave the old city, and in the process, you will also build streets, create tram lines, and build public services. You may even decide to explore. Modernism, a new architectural and Arts style that has been gaining popularity among the rich.



  • 1x main board
  • 1x side board
  • 11x action tiles
  • 14x cerdà scoring tiles
  • 4x player boards
  • 18x modernisme tiles
  • 24x cobblestone tiles
  • 21x public services tiles
  • 16x sagrada família tiles
  • Resources tokens
  • 4x building bonus tiles
  • 1x first-player token
  • 72x citizen tokens
  • 8x +100/200/300/400 vp tiles
  • 8x corner building tiles
  • 20x intersection tiles
  • 12x level-1 building tiles
  • 8x level-2 building tiles
  • 20x wide street tiles
  • 44x wooden disks
  • 4x trams
  • 40x cubes
  • 7x level-3 building tiles
  • 1x sticker sheet
  • 4x player aid cards
  • 1x cloth bag
  • Solo components:
  • 8x solo cards
  • 1x wooden meeple

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Playing time: 60-90 min
Age: Advanced
Language: English (EN)
Number of players: 1 (Solo), 2 (Duel), 3,4

Product Code:BND0080
UPC Code:6425453001529


8. 44 x 68mm

4. 80 x 120mm

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