Helvetiq Art Robbery (ML)
Helvetiq Art Robbery (ML)

Art Robbery (ML) Helvetiq

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March 18, 1990, Boston: You enter the art museum, and an hour-and-a-half later you come out unnoticed with your pockets full — but now comes the hardest part...

In Art Robbery, you slip into the role of art thieves. You have successfully put the robbery behind you, and you have many drawings, paintings, sculptures, and antiques in your possession, yet the treasure is not infinite and you are now facing your greatest challenge: distributing the loot.

Over several rounds, you confront the other players and try to get a share of the four collections. In the end, the thief who is able to snatch most of the loot wins...maybe. After all, the FBI is not giving up and is looking for you, so during the game, you need to collect enough alibis to avoid being caught.


Publisher Website:https://helvetiq.com/fr/art-robbery

Playing time: 15 min
Age: Familly
Language: Multilingual (ML)
Number of players: 2 (Duel), 3,4,5

Product Code:H-ARTROB-002

Code UPC: 7640139532725


Sleeves: 55. 65 x 100 (7 wonders)

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