Gigamic Akropolis (EN)
Gigamic Akropolis (EN)


The most talented architects in ancient Greece stand ready to achieve this goal. Build an Akropolis full of housing, temples, markets, gardens and barracks, so you can grow your city and ensure it triumphs over the others. Raise its prestige with harmonious planning that conforms to specific rules, and enhance it by building plazas.


Stone is an essential resource, so make sure you do not neglect it. You’ll need enough quarries so you can build higher up, making your city stretch towards the sky.


- 3D TILE-LAYING GAME: Bring the city to life by placing and stacking over 60 tiles to create the most cohesive districts possible!

- SATISFYING STRATEGY: Easy-to-learn rules with engaging choices ensure enjoyable gameplay for families and gamers!

- ZONING PUZZLE: Flex your architect skills and create districts of the same type of buildings, each with different effects and scoring conditions!

- LEAD YOUR CITY TO GLORY: Construct plazas to multiply the value of your districts and stack buildings up high to increase their points!

- VARIANT FOR REPLAYABILITY: Use the optional advanced variant to challenge players. It adds additional placement rules for another layer of strategy!



61 City tiles

4 Starting tiles

40 Stone cubes

1 Chief Architect marker

1 Scorepad



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Playing time: 25 min
Age: Familly
Language: English (EN)
Number of players: 2 (Duel), 3,4

Product Code:GAKR-EN

Code UPC: 3421273360917