Crafty Games Abstract Academy (EN)
Crafty Games Abstract Academy (EN)

Abstract Academy (EN)



From the designers of Dollars to Donuts, Point Salad, and Verdant, Abstract Academy is a compact and colorful area-control game of artistic rivalry, where you and your fellow students vie for top marks with professors while trying to put your own spin on each assignment. The twist? You’ve got to complete your work inside the same canvas as your opponents!

Each round, 2 or 4 players take turns playing Canvas cards into the shared play area, “painting” by forming color areas using each card’s quadrants. Once 4 cards have been played horizontally or vertically, that axis is locked. Once a 4 x 4 grid is completed, the round ends.

At the end of each round, using only their half of the canvas, each player scores points for the round’s shared Assignments and Professors, as well completing personal Inspiration cards.

The artist with the most points at the end of 3 rounds is the Abstract Academy’s star pupil and wins the game!


  • 54 Canvas cards
  • 7 Professor cards
  • 12 Inspiration cards
  • 15 Assignment cards
  • 1 Teacher's Pet card
  • 4 Reference cards


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Durée de la partie: 20-40 min
Groupe d'âge: Famille
Langue: Anglais (EN)
Nombre de joueurs: 2(Duel),3,4

Code de produit: CFG015005
Code UPC: 721867512795

Sleeves nécessaires: 93. 63.5 x 88 (Standard)

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