Dragon Egg Games 5 Wards (EN)
Dragon Egg Games 5 Wards (EN)

5 Wards (EN)


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Assemble your Gang and step into the bustling streets of a booming Victorian city in this 2-4 player competition for control of the 5 Wards. Recruit and deploy your Thugs, brawl with rivals, execute devious schemes and establish your colorful crew as the most notorious and powerful bunch of hooligans around.


5 Wards is a lite-weight blend of area control, worker placement, dice selection and card play.


5 Wards is played over a number of rounds, and your goal is to deploy your Thugs to the map to gain control of the city. Each of the 5 Wards has a different Victory Point (“VP”) scoring condition, drawn randomly at setup. Each ward scores only once at the end of the game, so every point is precious! The final round is triggered when the Landmark deck runs out, after which the Gang with the most VPs is the winner.



  • Game board
  • 5 Gang boards
  • 200 Thug tokens
  • 10 Copper tokens
  • Starting Player marker
  • 36 Landmark & Brawl cards
  • 35 Tactics cards
  • 9 Recruiting tiles
  • 9 Scoring tiles
  • 12 Dice

Publisher Website:https://www.dragonegggames.com/product-page/5-wards

Playing time: 60 min
Age: Advanced
Language: English (EN)
Number of players: 2 (Duel), 3,4,5

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UPC Code:197644357499