Board Games Tables Bear Raid (EN)
Board Games Tables Bear Raid (EN)

Bear Raid (EN)


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In Bear Raid you’ll put on your power suit, pajamas, or prison jumper, and start buying, selling, and shorting stocks. Like every successful trader, your goal is to try and make the most money you can. Players will buy, sell, and short stocks in the stock market during the action phase of the game. Forecast cards with clever news headlines will be used to determine how each stock is affected. Through the use of dice that you can manipulate and clever play, you'll influence the market, hopefully bending the stock prices to your advantage. The winner is the one who's made the most money!

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Playing time: 45-60 min
Age: Familly
Language: English (EN)
Number of players: 3,4,5,6

Product Code:GME-BR
UPC Code:618149322657

Sleeves: 43. 70 x 120mm

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