DPH Games  Affliction: Salem 1692 (Second Edition) (EN)
DPH Games  Affliction: Salem 1692 (Second Edition) (EN)

Affliction: Salem 1692 (Second Edition) (EN)


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The hysteria over witches among the people of Salem swept the region like a disease in1692. As is the case in any tragic event, there are those whom will use the circumstances to their advantage. Under the veil of the witch-hunt lie other motivations; power, greed, revenge, and righteousness.


AFFLICTION: Salem 1692 is a game set in the hysteria of a witch-hunt. Use your influence to whisper in the ear of the magistrate, judge, governor or minister to protect some and have others arrested. Salem was a chance to gain property, exact revenge and prove one’s righteousness.


The characters in the game were actual residents of the Salem region. This is the closest possible simulation of actual events in a game to date. This is the one witch-hunting game without witches! Affliction uses a low luck, highly interactive worker placement, engine building, engine disruption mechanic.


In the second edition, you will find: 

  • Modified starting characters and increased the number to eight. Each player is now dealt two and chooses one. With more afflicted girls as starting characters, the game feels even more authentic.
  • Simplified two of the character's abilities.
  • Improved the accusation ability of Rev. Paris
  • Increased circle defense  


Publisher Website:https://dphgames.com/product/affliction-salem-1692/

Playing time: 30-60 min
Age: Familly
Language: English (EN)
Number of players: 2 (Duel), 3,4

Product Code:HPS-DPHA42C

Code UPC:724165567719

Sleeves nécessaires: 50. 63 x 88

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