Second Gates Games Cactus Town (ML)
Second Gates Games Cactus Town (ML)

Cactus Town (ML)


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CACTUS TOWN is an asymmetric action programming game, with fast paced chase & escape movement of characters in a randomly set up town grid. It requires a lot of second-guessing of your opponent’s moves. You can put yourself the Sheriff’s badge, join a group of dangerous outlaws, seek ransom as a bounty hunter or even use the power of seduction being an avenging Can Can dancer. Each party has its own objectives and its own special actions, making this a perfect gateway game for asymmetric gameplay. With playing time of 10-15 minutes per player, you can swap and play various parties each session.  

Site web de L'éditeur:,an%20avenging%20Can%20Can%20dancer.

Durée de la partie: 10-15 min
Groupe d'âge: Famille
Langue: Multilingue (ML)
Nombre de joueurs: 2 (Duel), 3,4

Code de produit: SSG10031
Code UPC: 8437017407300

Sleeves nécessaires: 76. 63.5 x 88 (Standard)

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