Pillbox Games Side Effects (EN)
Pillbox Games Side Effects (EN)

Side Effects (EN)

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A “disturbing” card game

Side Effects is a take-that card game that combines a heap of cunning, a dash of luck, and fistfuls of vengeance. Each player is dealt a series of mental disorders face up in front of them—your goal is to be the first one to completely treat yourself using drug or therapy cards. But be warned! Every time a drug card is used to treat a disorder, it leaves the user open to a variety of side effects (more disorders) that other players can now give! In order to find the drugs you desperately need and avoid the dreaded You’re Having An Episode card, you’ll need to bluff, bargain, and betray. Beautifully illustrated in the style of a vintage medical textbook, Side Effects brings hilarity and hysteria to any gathering.


  • 38 Disorder Cards
  • 36 Drug Cards
  • 5 Therapy Cards
  • 10 Episode Cards
  • 6 Bonus Cards
  • The Rules


Site web de L'éditeur: https://www.pillboxgames.com/side-effects-rules


Durée de partie: 10-30 min

Groupe d'âge:  Avancé

Langue: Anglais (EN)

Nombre de joueurs: 2(Duel), 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,8


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