As with all things in life, food and health are about balance. Since no two people are the same, different diets meet different needs. With a little help and enough determination, your goals are well within reach. Consumption: Food and Choices is a worker placement and resource management game designed by a dietitian. Over 6 rounds players will shop for ingredients, cook recipes, dine out, and engage in activities—calories-in, calories-out! The player that best manages their body’s needs will win the game, all in the pursuit of health and happiness.


• Fun and creative worker placement game that seamlessly addresses how we eat.

• Unique, thematic, and thoughtful presentation of food and health, designed by a dietician.

• Massive component count, and strategic gameplay with an approachable ruleset.


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Durée de partie: 60-120 min

Groupe d'age: Avancé

Langue: Anglais(EN)

Nombre de joueurs: 2 (Duel),3,4


Code de produit :MT-CONS-021

Code UPC :3760146648302