Bargain Quest: Ext. Solo Mode (EN) Renegade Game Studios


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This pack introduces rules and cards that allow Bargain Quest to be played Solo! Includes 20 Competitor Cards and solo system rules.

Expansion: Requires Bargain Quest to play.


  • Face 20 new Competitors in this unique solo mode!
  • Beat your best score by stocking your shelves with the best items!
  • Help your heroes defeat monsters or suffer wounds to your shop!
  • Only the bravest 8 year or older solo shopkeeper can compete!
  • Carefully created as a 30-60 minute expansion for Bargain Quest!


  • 10 Item Cards
  • 8 Hero Cards
  • 6 Employee Cards
  • 24 Black Market Item Cards
  • 6 Black Market Upgrade Cards
  • 9 Monster Cards
  • 2 Folding Item Shop Boards
  • 1 Rulebook

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Durée de partie: 30-60 min

Groupe d'age: Famille 

Langue: Anglais (EN) 

Nombre de joueurs: 1(Solo)


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