Lookout Games Agricola: Ext. Corbarius Deck (EN)
Lookout Games Agricola: Ext. Corbarius Deck (EN)

Agricola: Ext. Corbarius Deck (EN)



Agricola: Corbarius Deck expands WizKids C-Deck from 60 to 168 occupation and minor improvement cards.

-Agricola, the award-winning and highly acclaimed game by Uwe Rosenberg, features a revised rulebook and gameplay, along with wood pieces and components

-Players begin the game with two family members and can grow their families over the course of the game

-Mechanisms include: advantage token, automatic resource growth, card drafting, hand management and more...

-This is an expansion. A copy of Agricola is required to play.


Site Web de L'éditeur:https://lookout-spiele.de/en/search.php


Durée de la partie: 90-120 min

Groupe d'âge: Avancé

Langue: Anglais (EN)

Nombre de joueurs: 1(Solo),2(Duel),3,4,5,6


Code de produit: LK0114

Code UPC: 4260402316147