Greater Than Games Trial Of The Temples (EN)
Greater Than Games Trial Of The Temples (EN)

Trial Of The Temples (EN)

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Take on the role of a powerful Archmage. Place a worker and collect all adjacent resources, but plan carefully. other players help or hinder your collection! Use resources to advance the trials, scoring points and unlocking powerful new abilities. Improve your actions and score bonus points to master the Trials of the The Mage’s Arena!

  • Expands the world of Mystery of the Temples and Realm of Sands
  • Totally unique take on Worker Placement
  • Easy to learn, and hard to master


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Durée de partie: 45 min

Groupe d'âge: Famille

Langue: Anglais (EN) 

Nombre de joueurs: 2(Duel), 3, 4


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