Capstone Games Boonlake: Ext. Artefacts (EN)
Capstone Games Boonlake: Ext. Artefacts (EN)

Boonlake: Ext. Artefacts (EN)



In Boonlake: Artifacts, you send out your treasure hunters to find treasures and mysterious artifacts on a new map.

Have you always wondered about the vases scattered around Boonlake? Recent findings show that they are loaded to the brim with variable atomic system energy, or V.A.S.E. for short. Put your found vases into the new artifacts and secure an advantage toward victory.

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Playing time: 90-180 min
Age: Advanced
Language: English (EN)
Number of players: 1 (Solo), 2 (Duel), 3,4

Product Code:CSGBOON124
UPC Code:850045365240

Sleeves: 55. 59 x 91mm

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