CMON Limited Bug Hunt (EN)
CMON Limited Bug Hunt (EN)

Who Will Complete Their Bug Collection First?
It’s a perfect day outside to do some bug hunting. You and your friends go into the woods when you see a whole bunch of the bugs you’re looking for! But before you can get them, they all run into a nearby shrub. There’s a tunnel opening just big enough to get your arm through, but you won’t be able to see what you’re grabbing. Will you be the first to finish your collection?

In Bug Hunt, players are looking to collect their matching bugs to complete their collection. At the start of the game, they’ll construct the bug shrub and fill it with all manner of bugs. Then, they’ll reach in through the shrub’s tunnel opening to try and grab theirs. But they’ll have to watch out for the other player’s bugs as well as the white ones, who are known to bite any hand that tries to grab them. The first player to finish their collection is the winner.

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Durée de partie: 15-30 min
Groupe d'age: Enfant
Langue: Anglais(EN)
Nombre de joueurs : 2 (Duel),3,4

Code de produit : BGH001
Code UPC : 889696008916