Brotherwise Games Boss Monster: Playmat (EN)
Brotherwise Games Boss Monster: Playmat (EN)

Boss Monster: Playmat (EN) Brotherwise Games



This gorgeous full-color foam playmat is inspired by the overworlds and dungeons of classic video games and is optimized for two player games. It comes packed in a sturdy 15 inch plastic tube with hang-tabbed stopper for easy display. 

The playmat is clearly labeled to make it even easier to teach new players the game. Order yours today for your established Boss Monster players and to bring in new ones!

This soft, durable neoprene mat is the perfect surface for your 2-player Boss Monster games. A preset template makes it easier to lay out your dungeon, while the soft neoprene makes card pickup easy and painless. Combine two for a 3 or 4-player game!

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Durée de la partie: 30 min
Groupe d'âge: Avancé
Langue: Anglais (EN)
Nombre de joueurs: 2(Duel), 3,4,5,6

Code de produit: BGM007
Code UPC: 856934004061