Barrage: Ext. The Leeghwater Project (EN)


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Barrage the Leeghwater Project introduces a new faction to the basic game; play Ellen Vos, from the Netherlands, ready to follow in the footsteps of Jan Leeghwater. Use the two new mechanics, take advantage of two new executive officers and the three new advanced technology tiles dedicated to the construction of personal buildings. Now, you have more energy in your hands!

-Introduces two new mechanics: The External Woks and The Personal Building

-Includes two new Executive Officers designed to enhance the External Works and the Personal Buildings

-Includes three new Advanced Technology tiles dedicated to the construction of Personal Buildings

-This is an expansion. A copy of Barrage is required to play

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Durée de partie: 120 min

Groupe d'age: Avancé

Langue: Francais (FR) Anglais (EN) Multilingue (ML)

Nombre de joueurs: 1(Solo), 2(Duel), 3, 4


Code de produit : BARG02

Code UPC : 8034055582145