Ravensburger Back to the Future: Dice Through Time (EN)
Ravensburger Back to the Future: Dice Through Time (EN)

Back to the Future: Dice Through Time (EN)



Great Scott! Biff stole the DeLorean and went on a joyride through time, disrupting events and scattering items through space and time! Now it’s up to you to help Doc and Marty repair the space-time continuum before time paradoxes unravel the very fabric of the universe. Jump in your time machine, complete events, return items, and help! The future is in your hands!

In this cooperative dice game, you’ll take control of a DeLorean and travel through the entire Back to the Future film trilogy, completing memorable events and returning key items to their proper place and time before the OUTATIME tracker reaches “Game Over.” Each round, you and your fellow players will roll dice to determine your actions, which include time travel, moving meddling members of the Tannen family, and more.

You’ll use your dice to complete events form the films. Once an event is complete, you’ll draw an item card, which you’ll need to return by traveling to the year and location listed on the card. Then, the OUTATIME tracker is reduced—buying you more time—and you earn an Einstein token. Einstein tokens provide one action anyone can use later. In a pinch, you can even "ripple" dice by placing them on your space the board, allowing other players in future years to pick them up and use them!

After everyone has taken their actions, advance the OUTATIME tracker depending on which year has the most unsolved events. Finally, add Paradox tokens to all unsolved events on the board. In later rounds, these will cause the OUTATIME tracker to go up even faster! Return all the items before the OUTATIME tracker reaches “Game Over” to win!


  • 1 Game board,
  • 4 Player mats,
  • 4 DeLorean movers,
  • 4 Biff standees and plastic bases,
  • 16 Dice,
  • 72 Event cards,
  • 20 Item cards,
  • 20 Paradox tokens,
  • 24 Einstein tokens,
  • 1 OUTATIME marker,
  • 1 First Player token,
  • Rulebook

Site web de L'éditeur: https://www.ravensburger.us/products/games/family-games/back-to-the-future-dice-through-time-60001883/index.html

Durée de partie: 50 min

Groupe d'age: Enfant, Famille, Avancé

Langue: Anglais (EN) 

Nombre de joueurs: 2(Duel), 3, 4


Code de produit : RAV600001883

Code UPC : 810558018835