Atlantis Rising: Deluxe Component Upgrade (EN)


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Improve the look and feel of your copy of Atlantis Rising with these deluxe components! These deluxe components are an aesthetics-only upgrade, replacing or supplementing game pieces already found in the game. Shipping is not included in the listed price.


 12 resin crystals

• 12 resin gold nuggets

• 12 resin iron ore meteorites

• 16 metal atlantium bars

• 2 custom, engraved, six-sided, 20mm dice

• 1 wooden first player marker

• 1 wooden Wrath of the Gods token

• 1 wooden boat meeple

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Durée de la partie: 60-120 min

Groupe d'age: Famille

Langue: Anglais (EN)

Nombre de joueurs: 1 (Solo), 2 (Duel),3,4,5,6,7


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