Stoneblade Entertainment Ascension: Ext. Alliances (EN)
Stoneblade Entertainment Ascension: Ext. Alliances (EN)

Ascension: Ext. Alliances (EN)



Forge New Alliances in the War for Vigil!

Grab some friends and compete for dominance as two-player teams. Ascension: Alliances brings multiplayer to all your favorite Ascension sets!
New Banner cards give your alliance powerful effects for both players!
Ally Unite keyword brings a new twist to a fan-favorite mechanic!
Converts ANY of your existing Ascension sets into a multiplayer team experience!
Comes in an Ultra PRO 100+ count Deck Box with divider inside.
This expansion modifies full Ascension Deckbuilding Game sets and is not a standalone game


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Durée de partie: 30 min

Groupe d'âge: Famille

Langue: Anglais (EN)

Nombre de joueurs : 1 (Solo), 2 (Duel)

Code de produit : SBE10095
Code UPC : 074427100957