Fantasy Flight Games Arkham Horror LCG: Ext. Horror In High Gear (EN)
Fantasy Flight Games Arkham Horror LCG: Ext. Horror In High Gear (EN)

Arkham Horror LCG: Ext. Horror In High Gear (EN) Fantasy Flight Games

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Innsmouth is overrun! You and Agent Harper just barely escaped from the coastal fishing hamlet, and now, you’re driving quickly toward Falcon Point Lighthouse—where you hope you can draw more connections between the shattered pieces of your memory. You’ve only been on the road for mere moments, however, before you catch sight of headlights in your rearview mirror. You’re not alone on these desolate, winding roads—and it’s a high-speed chase to the finish!

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Horror in High Gear, the third Mythos Pack in The Innsmouth Conspiracy cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game!

Strap in for a breakneck race to the finish with the Esoteric Order of Dagon in hot pursuit! Vehicles surge to the forefront in this expansion as you drive your cars along the winding cliffside roads outside of Innsmouth. Alongside this unique scenario, you’ll find a full assortment of player cards for every aspect, unlocking new skills, allies, and more.

Pedal to the Metal
Horror in High Gear starts as the investigators pile into their vehicles, such as Elina Harper's Car (Horror in High Gear, 212a). From that point on, you’re racing along the Old Innsmouth Road toward your goal at Falcon Point Lighthouse—but you can’t just rush forward and push through every location. A Fork in the Road (Horror in High Gear, 206) could trap you into going the long way around if you don’t take the time to stop your car and investigate to find clues about your path forward. You could even go careening off a Cliffside Road (Horror in High Gear, 205) if your driver isn’t able to control the vehicle—and the consequences of running a car into the Atlantic would be dire, to say the least.


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Durée de partie: 60 min

Groupe d'âge: Avancé
Langue: Anglais(EN)
Nombre de joueurs 1 (Solo),2 (Duel),3,4

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Code UPC : 841333112073

Sleeves nécessaires: 60. 63.5 x 88 (Standard)

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