Animalchemists (EN)


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Become your favorite Animal Alchemist as you aim to be the best spell caster in this multi-tiered market purchasing game.  Win by having the most points from Spells, Potions, and Ingredients! 

Each round is limited to only 1 action, so plan wisely as we take you through your options…

You can take two ingredients…


• 81 Total Cards
◦ 40 Ingredient Cards
◦ 20 Potion Cards
◦ 16 Spell Cards
◦ 5 Character Cards
• Heavy Duty Plastic Box
• Rulebook

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Durée de la partie: 15 min

Groupe d'age: Famille

Langue: Anglais (EN)

Nombre de joueurs: 2 (Duel),3,4,5


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Code UPC: 608766103890

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