Haba Animal Upon Animal: Unicorns (ML)
Haba Animal Upon Animal: Unicorns (ML)

Animal Upon Animal: Unicorns (ML) Haba



The unicorns want to show how capable they are at making a tall pyramid! Butterflies, rabbits and birds join in on the fun too! You'll never find such a motley mix of animals in any other game. Who is the most skillful at stacking and will be the first left without any animals?

-An entertaining stacking game.

-A special Unicorn edition of a classic game!

-This is a standalone game. No other Animal Upon Animal product is needed to play.

-This multilingual edition includes: English & French


Site Web de L'éditeur: https://asmodee-canada.shop/animal-upon-animal-unicorns-ml-no-amazon-sales-hab305669


Durée de la partie: 15-30 min

Groupe d'âge: Enfant

Langue: Multilingue (ML)

Nombre de joueurs: 2(Duel),3,4


Code de produit: HAB305669

Code UPC: 4010168252261